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Available in 1L
More and more people go consciously looking for relaxation and discover the beneficial effect a whirlpool has on body and spirit. But would you want to relax in water with powerful chemicals? Huwa-San SpaPool is a 100% biodegradable and safe way to disinfect whirlpools & spa's, without all the side-effects of chlorine. It even makes your skin silky-smooth!
  • Complete protection against bacteria, viruses and algae
  • Long-lasting effect thanks to the unique stabilisation that allows optimal and lasting results, even at low concentrations
  • The use of chlorine and aggresive chemicals is redundan
  • Odourless and colourless. No irritation to the eyes, skin or respiratory tracts.
  • Easy dosing ensures crystal clear and silky smooth pool water.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly (biodegradable into water and oxygen).

  • Replaces chlorine in one simple step


TIP! How to switch easily from chlorine to Huwa-San?

Step 1: Cleaning of the system (removal of biofilm) by adding 2L/m3 Huwa-San WhirlPOOL to the existing water in your spa.

Step 2: Open up all the jets for 2 hours so that the water in combination with Huwa-San can cleanse the pipes (it is possible the water will turn cloudy due to dirt in the pipes).

Step 3: Remove all dirty water and refill the whirlpool with fresh water.

Step 4: Add Huwa-San as indicated on the label.


General remarks:


Our products are subject to certain laws and registrations by country. As a result, in some countries not the full range of products is offered. Please check here our list of registrations in the countries concerned.
If you would like more information regarding the application, you can contact us or your local distributor.

Use biocides safely. Read before each use first the label and the product information.