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Huwa-San technology

The Huwa-San technology was originally founded in the late 1980's. After more than 30 years of product development and research, Roam Technology Belgium started to commercialise Huwa-San products worldwide. These Huwa-San products are ecological disinfectants based on stabilised hydrogen peroxide. The unique way of stabilising is proven highly effective, f.i. in legionella control and removal of biofilm.

Huwa-San is a safe, odourless, alcohol-free, chlorine-free and eco-friendly disinfectant solution which can be used in a broad spectrum of applications such as; Agriculture, Veterinary industry, Food industry, Public and private swimming pools and even for (drinking) water disinfecting. Huwa-San is a non-residual disinfectant used to treat surfaces, tools, walls, water, instruments and even rooms through vaporization. Huwa-San is a one-stop biocidal disinfectant product and is effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts, spores and even mycobacteria and is available in many different concentrations and packaging formats.

All our products have the official Ecocert-label.

Thanks to its other unique characteristics; fully biodegradable, non-residual, colourless, effective up till 90°C, storage life up to 3 years in sealed packages,…., Huwa-San products bring unique advantages in lots of application areas.

Today our Huwa-San technology is commercialised through a worldwide network of partners/distributors and present in the market under our brand names: Huwa-San, BioX, BioXeco for medical applications and lots of private labels. 

Here is a list of our certificates: